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M.2 Key B LTE Card to USB 3.0 Adapter



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The U0903A adapter is designed for desktop/Laptop PCs that convert 4G wireless M.2 Card to USB 3.0 port.
You can insert your M.2 card Key B (Socket 2 SSIC-base WWAN) such as GSM, HSPA(3.5G), GPS, LTE cards to this adapter then plug to USB 3.0 port.
Standard SIM card Push connector is provided.



  • USB 3.0 type A male to desktop or notebook PC
  • Supports system bus interface: USB 3.0 (Micro-B Connector)
  • Supports USB 3.0 interface of M.2 Cards (Socket 2 SSIC-base WWAN) such as 2G GSM, GPRS, 3G,CDMA, WLAN,WWLAN, HSPA MODEM , GPS, 4G WiMAX, LTE, Mini Card to desktop PC.
  • Support dual SIM card Push Push connector.
  • Support MHF4-SMA 8cm cable (Option)
    Support MHF4-RPSMA 8cm cable (Option)
  • Support 3042 type M.2 card
  • Support Suspend Clock
  • Antenna Products (Click for Bplus Antenna Comparison link) :

    • (Option) 800/1800 MHz Duck Antenna
    • (Option) 900/2100 MHz Duck Antenna
    • (Option) 2.4GHz MHz 2.15dBi Rubber Duck Antenna
    • (Option) 2.4/5.8GHz Rubber Duck Antenna
    • (Option) 5.8GHz 5dBi Rubber Duck Antenna
    • (Option) 2.3GHz 2.15dBi Rubber Duck Antenna
    • (Option) 2.5GHz 2dBi Rubber Duck Antenna
    • (Option) 3.5GHz 2.5dBi Rubber Duck Antenna


    • M.2 Card to USB3.0 adapter.
    • M.2 Specification Revision 1.0
    • Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 3.0
    • 3042 type M.2 Card dimension.
    • M.2 Mechanical Key: Key B

    System Requirement

  • USB 3.0 port
  • Windows XP, Vista 32/64, Windows 7, Windows 8 Windows 10, or Linux


U0903A is M.2 (NGFF) passive adapter. Just only support Socket 2 SSIC-based WWAN M.2 Module (Key B).




U0903A PCBA V2.2
Unit price: USD 65.
U0903A PCBA V2.2
(M.2 Key B LTE Card to USB 3.0 Adapter)
Flat-Head Screw x4


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