PE2 ( PCI-E 1X to ExpressCard/ 34 adaptor with cable )


The PCI-E 1X to ExpressCard / 34 adaptor is designed for Notebook PCs that converts PCI Express 1X Card to ExpressCard slot.
This adapter allows you to use your existing

PCI-E 1X Card in the notebook PC and other devices with ExpressCard slot.






Power output specification: 3.3V/1.3A(Max), 12V/0.2A(Max)



System Requirements:

Note book PC and other devices with Express card slot / 34
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server2008


Package Contents:
Converted port to Express card adapter x1 Express card to the converted port adaptor x1
PCI-E Male to Male cable 30cm x1 Option: PCI-E Male to Male cable 100cm x1

PE2, PE4 products functions comparison as below:
PE2 specification: PE4 specification:

Internal 12V/0.2A(Max), 3.3V/1.3A(Max)
x1 PCI express support
Use 30CM custom PCIe x1 cable

External 100V~240V AC to 12V/5A(Max), 3.3V/3A(Max) DC adapter
x1 x4 x8 x16 PCI express card support
Use 300CM, 200CM, 150CM, 100CM or 30CM length custom PCIe x1 cable

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