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    R5y Series
PCIe x1, x4, x16, M.2 KeyM / A+E, mPCIe (mini PCIe), U.2 (SFF-8639) PCIe extender x16 gen3 ribbon riser card cable twin axial high bandwidh flexible 8Gpbs 164pin adapter jumper

First Impression

R5y series is M.2 Key A+E Edge Connector Extension Adapter cable, adapted to PCIe x1, x4, x16, M.2 Key M / A E, mPCIe (mini PCIe), U.2 (SFF-8639) connectors to re-locate a PCIe card slot or bridge between slots on two different PCBs.

The ribbonized format of the axial cable provides a dense and flexible solution without signal attenuation for high speed PCIe Gen3 8Gbps Data Transaction, bidirectional 256Gbps (256GT/sec) for PCI x16, and 16Gpbs (16GT/sec) per PCIe lane.

R5y Series Comparison Table: Rxy, x=5 , Header = M.2 Key A+E 2230 Edge Connector

Header (x)
x Code= 1

Receptacle (y)
y Code= 1~7


x Code= 5

M.2 Key A+E 2230

Header (Gold finger)
(PCIe x1)




y Code= 1
R1F / R1R / R1L
PCIe x1 Edge Free R51 : R51zz-nnn
y=1: PCIe x1
* Edge Free for x4, x8, x16
* zz = SF, SR, SL
R51SF, R51SR, R51SL
y Code= 2
R2F / R2R / R2L
  PCIe x4 Edge Free
* PCIe x1 connection   * Edge Free for x8, x16
R52 : R52zz-nnn
y=1: PCIe x4
* PCIe x1 connection
* Edge Free for x8, x16
* zz = SF, SR, SL
R52SF, R52SR, R52SL
y Code= 3
R3F / R3R / R3L
PCIe x16     * PCIe x1 connection
R53 : R53zz-nnn
y=3: PCIe x16
* Retention for zz=SR & SL only
* zz = SF, SR, SL
R53SF, R53SR, R53SL
y Code= 4
M.2 Key M 2280
R54 : R54zz-nnn
y=4: M.2 Key M 2280
* PCIe x1 connection
* zz = SF >> R54SF
y Code= 5
M.2 Key A or E 2230
*for Key E to Contact Sales
R55 : R55zz-nnn
y=5: M.2 Key A or E 2230
* PCIe x1 connection
* For M.2 Key A modules
* zz = SF >> R55SF
y Code= 6
  mPCIe R56 : R56zz-nnn
y=6: mPCIe (mini PCIe)
* PCIe x1 connection
* zz = SF >> R56SF
y Code= 7
  U.2 (SFF-8639) R57 : R57zz-nnn
y=7: U.2 (SFF-8639)
* PCIe x1 connection
* zz = SF >> R57SF
* zz: Connector Type: Straight (SF), Right angles (SR), Left angled (SL), Dual Edge (SS)
* nnn: Cable Length (cm), Standard nnn=015, 15cm (6 inch)

R5y Series Comparison Receptacle
Header R5S R51SR R51SL R51SF R52SR R52SL R52SF R53SR R53SL R53SF R54SF R55SF R56SF

Header: R5S
Receptacle: R5F
Part Number: R55SF



  • Maximum Speed:
    PCIe Gen3 8Gbps. Bidirectional 2.0GB/sec (16Gpbs , 16GT/sec) per PCIe lane, PCIe Gen2 (5Gbps) & PCIe Gen1 (2.5Gbps) compatibles.
  • Header (Male) Connector: M.2 Key A+E (PCIe x1)
  • Receptacle (Female) Connector:
    PCIe x1, x4, x16, M.2 Key M / A+E, mPCIe (mini PCIe), U.2 (SFF-8639)
  • Cable: Length:
    Standard (015) = 15cm (6inch), Customized for 1~999cm (001~999)
    * Guideline: PCIe Gen3 8Gbps max 24 inch (60cm)
  • Cable Type:
    Flat, Twin Axial, Thickness=1.4mm (1/16 inch) Width=54mm (9mm*6, 2 1/8 inch)
  • Color: Black
  • Connector Type:
    Straight (SF), Right angles (SR), Left angled (SL), Dual Edge (SS)

      Bullet Points

  • Cable Quality:
    Stable PCIe Gen3 8Gbps or higher with high quality Axial Cable
  • Cable Flexibility:
    Highly-routable, foldable, flexible
    Thickness=1.4mm (1/16 inch) Width=9mm (3/8 inch)
  • Cable Length:
    Standard (015) = 15cm (6inch), Customized for 1~999cm (001~999)
    * Contact sales for customize: sales@bplus.com.tw
  • PCB Quality:
    Experienced design and durable material for High frequency and low attenuation.
  • Connector Quality:
    Taiwan Made high quality for PC server / mother board.
  • Solder Point Protection:
    PCB-Swaddled and fixed with Bolts and nut to prevent tearing and short circuit for PCB-Cable solder points.


R51SF-015A     Unit price: USD 60

PCIe x1

PCIe x4
R56SF-030A v1.0    
Unit price:
USD 60

M.2 Key M 2280

M.2 Key A E 2230



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Customized Rxy Series Extender Board

Series Product # Header (x) =1~7 Receptacle (y) = 1~7
R1y R1yzz-nnn 1: PCIe x1 1: PCIe x1 Edge Free for x4, x8, x16

2: PCIe x4 Edge Free for x8, x16

3: PCIe x16

4: M.2 Key M

5: M.2 Key A+E

6: mPCIe (mini PCIe)

7: U.2 (SFF-8639)
R2y R2yzz-nnn 2: PCIe x4
R3y R3yzz-nnn 3: PCIe x16
R4y R4yzz-nnn 4: M.2 Key M
R5y R5yzz-nnn 5: M.2 Key A+E
R6y R6yzz-nnn 6: mPCIe (mini PCIe)
R7y R7yzz-nnn 7: U.2 (SFF-8639)

PCIe-Cable Adapter part-number and product name example:

R11SF020A    PCIe 1x Extender cable=20cm
R22SS050A    PCIe 4x Jumper cable=50cm
R33SR030A   PCIe 16x Right Angle Adapter cable=30cm
R47SF015A  U.2 NVMe SSD to M.2 Key M Adapter cable=15cm
Rxy Series Comparison Header (Gold finger)
R1R R11SR R21SR R31SR R41SR R51SR R61SR      
R1L R11SL R21SL R31SL R41SL R51SL R61SL      
R1F R11SF R21SF R31SF R41SF R51SF R61SF R11FF    
R2R R12SR R22SR R32SR R42SR R52SR R62SR      
R2L R12SL R22SL R32SL R42SL R52SL R62SL      
R2F R12SF R22SF R32SF R42SF R52SF R62SF   R22FF  
R3R R13SR R23SR R33SR R43SR R53SR R63SR      
R3L R13SL R23SL R33SL R43SL R53SL R63SL      
R3F R13SF R23SF R33SF R43SF R53SF R63SF     R33FF
R4F R14SF R24SF R34SF R44SF R54SF R64SF      
R5F R15SF R25SF R35SF R45SF R55SF R65SF      
R6F R16SF R26SF R36SF R46SF R56SF R66SF      
R7F R17SF R27SF R37SF R47SF R57SF R67SF      
R1S R11SS                
R2S   R22SS              
R3S     R33SS            

Header: R1S
Receptacle: R1R
Part Number: R11SR



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