DB5L ( PCIE x1-PCI Express アダプタ )

The DB5L PCIE x1 to full mini card is a converter tool for minicard interface.
This module allows you to use your Molex PCI-E cable in the mini card slot.
It's especially designed to save valuable labor and time in the production environment.

OPTION: molex 799250001 cable

DB5L-PM3P-ADP Package Contents
販売価格: US$ 294
DB5L ( PCIE x1 to PCI Express Adapter ) x1 ADP ( MiniCard用PCIeアダプタ ver1.0 ) x1
PM3P ( MiniCard-PCI Express標準ケーブルアダプタ ver1.2 ) x1 SWEX (ATX電源用スイッチ ver1.1)
molex 799250002 cable 300cm x1 外部 5V/12V電源供給ケーブル x1
専用ネジ x2  


(5V/12V 2A AC Adapter)
Unit price: US$ 12

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